Friday, August 13, 2010

Freaky Friday: WriteOnCon Edition

I was crazy-woman busy this week, but not nearly as much as my friends over at WriteOnCon. Did you attend? It was fantastic, no? So much info for writers at every stage in the publishing process.

Here were some of the highlights, for me:

1. Mary Kole's vlog on stereotypes. Really great advice complimented by some incredible Rubik's cube skills.

2. The live chat between Molly O'Neill (HC), Martha Mihalick (Greenwillow), and agent Holly Root. Topic? Myths and misconceptions about publishing.

3. Lisa Schroeder's vlog about romance in YA...and, um, cupcakes. Who doesn't love cupcakes?

4. Martha Mihalick's "Choose Your Own Adventure" guide to the acquisitions process. Clever and informative.

5. The live chat on voice, featuring Anica Rissi (Simon Pulse), and agents Mary Kole, Suzie Townsend, and Joanna Volpe.

There were so many great vlogs and essays--I wish I could list them all. I don't have to, though, because the fine folks at WriteOnCon are establishing an archive on the site. Awesome, right?

Big thanks to the founders of WriteOnCon and to everyone who participated. I look forward to attending next year!

Happy weekend!


  1. There were so many great sessions. I'm still trying to catch up. :D

  2. I'm so glad for the archive! I worked long hours over the week and didn't even get to see the evening posts.

  3. Ahhh! Thank you for the kind words about writeoncon!

    I LOVED the live chats, they were hands down my favorite part!

  4. I know this is so late, but thank you for the love about the conference! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! :)