Friday, October 22, 2010

Freaky Friday--Girlcrush Edition

This week I'm loving the goes:

1. Sarah Dessen--You all know about my love of The Dessen. But did you know she has her own book-inspired racecar? It's pink and white and all kinds of gorgeous. Check here for photos.

2. Helena Bonham Carter is my new style icon. I mean LOOK AT HER:

And check out these photos of a dressier HBC, if you can stop drooling over Colin Firth for 10 seconds.

3. Judy Blume & Co. are filming Tiger Eyes!! Right now! In New Mexico! Be still my 12 year old heart!

4. I'm guessing most of you have seen this post by Libba Bray already, but if you haven't, reserve a little time to give it a read. Have Kleenex nearby.

5. I sent my revised second novel off to my beta chicks. Oh, how lucky I am to have them. Thanks gals!


  1. Helena has been my style icon for some time now. I found these images from an old Seventeen magazine of mine from the 80s:

    LOVE. Her.

  2. Alexa can I just say that I love that you still have Seventeen mags from the 80's!?! That is just awesome.

    And who doesn't love a good girl crush? Fab post, L.

  3. I have to admit. I'm a little freaked out by your girl Helena. I don't know if it was the film on her teeth in the last mag I saw or her big head in Alice in Wonderland, but I am kind of afraid of her. Where's my tarts?!

  4. Oh, wow, I want to see that movie. Yes, I can definitely watch Colin for more than 20 s.

    Helena scares me, too, especially after Alice in Wonderland and the Harry Potter movies. But she is a brilliant actress.