Friday, June 11, 2010

Freaky Friday

How can it possibly be Friday already? Oy.

1. Blackhawks win!!! I was driving home from work when the Hawks won in overtime. By the time I pulled up to my house the entire neighborhood was cheering. I mean, it was LOUD. Then the fireworks started. So awesome.

2. True Blood starts up again this Sunday. From HBO's teasers I think we're going to get to see a lot of Eric Northman. Whoo-hoo!

3. What constitutes badass for me: eating triple fudge brownies for breakfast. Um...yeah.

4. My son's running class teacher called yesterday to tell me he thinks I've got myself a talented track and fielder. Why is this a big deal? I am the girl who faked horrific cramps to get out of running the fifty yard dash in high school; when we ran the mile I groaned so loudly the nuns almost carted me off to the hospital. I must have had 27 periods during freshman year alone. One of the great feelings in life is when my kids excel at stuff I suck at. Feels like I did something right.

5. Words I like today: medley, farcical, perusal, lumbago, and indefatigable. How about you guys?

Have a great weekend!


  1. Yay Hawks!

    I had to look up lumbago.

    I wish I was indefatigable.

  2. Farcical is one of the best words EVER. Happy Friday!