Tuesday, June 1, 2010

From the Vault

I'm going to visit New York City in a few weeks and I am beyond excited. I lived there once upon a time, at 55th and 8th and, though I love Chicago dearly, there is no better city in the world.

So, in honor of my upcoming vacation, I'm going to have a little online film festival of my favorite New York movies. Here goes:

1. Annie Hall: La-De-Da, La-De-Da...That says it all, no?

2. Breakfast at Tiffany's: Audrey, Moon River, no-name cat...what more could a girl want, daaarling?

3. Working Girl: "I have a head for business, and a bod for sin." Actually I have a head for writing and a bod from sitting at my computer all day, but I can dream, right? And Harrison Ford is just so dashing in this one...

4. The Way We Were: OK, I think I'd beat Carrie Bradshaw in a Streisand-Redford obsession competition.

5. The Seven Year Itch: I once stood over a subway grate wearing a babydoll dress. Train shot by, dress went up. In front of a priest. I think my face is still red from that one.

Do you guys have any New York faves? Do tell!


  1. I've been to NYC twice for the annual SCBWI conference. For me, it's just being there that gets me excited.

    I loved your comments for WORKING GIRL. Too funny!

  2. I've never been to New York. Would love to go. Don't know that I have a favorite NYC movie. I do have a favorite Redford movie though. Butch and Sundance is awesome. And it was filmed in the state I currently live in. :)

  3. Stina, I think I need to get to one of those conferences. They sound fun!

    Lori, that movie is on my top ten of all time list. LOVE it. Newman & Redford with William Goldman penning the screenplay. Solid gold!

  4. 想像是什麼並不重要,想像能做什麼才重要........................................

  5. So, so many...I feel like I am more familiar with New York on film than from my own visits! a few that come immediately to mind:

    Rosemary's Baby, which is my favorite film, ever.

    The 70s were like one shifting portrait of New York. Some of my faves are Dog Day Afternoon, Marathon Man, and of course Annie Hall!

    More recently, The Daytrippers also comes to mind, maybe because I perennially feel like a suburbanite in the big, bad city. More of the same theme in Desperately Seeking Susan.

    Tootsie. Love. It.

    Oh, and I adore the Seven Year Itch! One of my high school comfort films.