Tuesday, July 6, 2010

From the Vault: Style Edition

I'm, um, coming up on a BIG birthday. One of those milestones that, according to my cousin's husband, "Make you start thinking you're extremely lucky if you really are at the halfway point."

But seriously, I don't mind aging so much. Sure my hair isn't as lustrous as it once was, it's harder and harder to lose weight, and it only takes a sip of wine to stain my teeth purple (What is up with that?), but those things pale in comparison to what I've gained. (OK, maybe not entirely, but I'm going with it.)

When I was a teen I tried on as many identities as most girls did prom dresses. I had a (thankfully) brief flirtation with jock chic (legwarmers, high top Reeboks, big hair) and preppie (Bass penny loafers and polo shirts with turned up collars). I had a longer affair with Goth. Oh, how I loved pairing Doc Martens with torn black dresses and practicing sullen looks in the mirror. The problem was, I'm kind of a sunny person. I can't help smiling at people. It kind of killed my whole Goth persona AND made me look like an ass in front of the real Goths. My real personality kept seeping through, but I wasn't comfortable enough to accept it. I'm naturally a hippie/gypsy/boho kind of chick. Still, during my last years of college I went through an Audrey in Paris phase (black leggings, ballet slippers, bobbed black hair) and a Marilyn phase (Chanel No. 5, tight dresses and a short curly `do).

I still wear ballet flats almost exclusively, but at nearly (fine I'll say it) forty, I've come to accept that I'll never shop at Hermes, and Doc Martens just make my feet sweat. This is my style, and has been, if I'm honest with myself, for decades:


I love these inspirations, but mostly I follow my instincts. I know myself, and I know my tastes. And that is one of the true benefits of getting older (OK, that AND reduced insurance rates).
So, how about you guys? Do you feel like you've reached the age where you're comfortable in your own skin?


  1. I think I'm getting there...It's interesting I definitely feel more confident now that I'm writing. I guess I feel like I've finally found my groove, you know? And now that I have that being the skinniest or the best dressed doesn't seem to matter quite as much.

  2. Um, can I say yes even though I'm still in my 20s??

    Well, I can comfortably say yes when it comes to style, and I've been this way forever. Lots and lots of color and patterns...and of course, 2 or 3 little black dresses (that I usually where with a funky necklace and bright shoes). Fashion trends may come and go, but even during the grunge era I only wore colorful striped shirts with my baggy jeans and oversized overalls.

    Now...being comfortable with how out of shape I am (I used to run long distance races up until a couple years ago)--that's a different story. Ah well.

    Great post, L. You are SO boho hippie chic. And you look amazing in it.

  3. I love your style. Always have. You carry yourself with such confidence.

    Don't fret 40. Remember I am always exactly 2 years older than you. :)

  4. Li (and La)--You're the cutest and the smartest and that trumps skinniest and best dressed any day.

    Jo--I love your style! And I think it's awesome you're so confident in yourself in your 20s! (And I'm glad, because it makes buying you gifts so much easier!)

    Lori--I could say the same about you. You always give off such a classy, smart-girl vibe. Happy birthday, my friend!

  5. Yes and no. I definitely have confidence and a settled and happy feeling that I wouldn't trade in for a flat stomach and a tight little twenty-something ass. My work life, however, requires me to be uber professional, so who I am and who I have to be sometimes clashes when I'm staring in my closet.

  6. I totally feel like that, and you know what? It feels good. :)

  7. Miss J--I feel that way too sometimes. I have a small section of my small closet that only holds brown, gray, and black clothing.

    Mystery person--It certainly does.

    Elana--Yay! It does feel good. And I love your hair, BTW.

  8. Getting there ... and I'm about a 1/2 year away from the same milestone as you! :-) Great post!

  9. AH. Not only the Beatles, but Joan Baez. I knew we shared musical tastes, and I'm old enough to actually own one or two of her albums. Yes, I mean the real vinyl record.

    But yes, getting older allows you to not only dress the way you want, but to act the way you want, and not really care what other people think. Whoopee-dee-do for that! Happy Big B-Day, you young whippersnapper, you :-)

  10. Kelly--It kind of looms, but as you approach the date, you know what? Not so bad.

    Ah, the Lovely Linda! I have a soft spot in my heart for vinyl--I own a bunch as well!