Friday, February 18, 2011

Freaky Friday

Grumpy today. Instead of the usual list of likes, I'm focusing on the hates:

1. People who call articles of clothing "pieces."

2. Parents who allow their children to do things like this (Give it 45 seconds) and then sign them over to Simon Cowell. I mean, she's going to give herself an aneurysm before you can say American Idol, right? Don't these people read Star Magazine? Lindsay Lohan. Britney Spears. Christina Aguilera. Cautionary tales, all. Give this girl five years and she'll be found passed out by the pool at the Chateau Marmont.

3. Justin Bieber (see above).

4. Modernizing/adapting/being inspired by/outright stealing any characters, settings, plotlines, or titles from Jane Austen. Don't get me wrong, I love Jane and Bridget Jones's Diary is one of my all-time favorite books (inspiration: Pride and Prejudice), but she has been sucked dry, people! Only the bones are left--let them rest in peace!

5. Hating on James Franco. Okay, he might be annoying to some, but in a world dominated by Kardashians, isn't it nice to see someone pursue higher education with such dedication? How many Ph.Ds does the guy have now? 18?

Whew, I feel better. How about you guys? Any hates?


  1. oh yesss, hating. how fun! :D
    james franco's still studying? how freaking hot. seriously, scholarly dudes are so sexy, don't you think? well, duh you do, if you like james :D
    and justin-beiber-haters are awesome. just sayin'.

  2. Hate #1- Getting sick on a Friday before a long weekend!! Aaauuugggghh!

    Also, noticed your picture of Simon Le Bon....I heart Simon.


    Simon, Sting and Bono......triple sigh.


  3. Aleeza, I'll admit it--I do have a soft spot for Mr. Franco. Can't wait to see how he does hosting the Oscars!

    Shelly, I think we were the same person in high school! Simon, Sting, and Bono were my crush trifecta!

  4. I too love Franco. I think getting a ton of degrees is a totally legitimate way to try to get over your self loathing (says the girl with the M.F.A. and J.D).

    And Justin Bieber needs to shut up about abortion.

  5. How can anyone hate on someone with a smile like Franco's? And someone interested in learning is sexy.

    I hope Bieber looks at his young self when he's older and cringes at a lot of what comes out of his mouth. And a movie about his life at this age?? Seriously????

    I'm hating on living somewhere that a kid's haircut becomes a media story. We have nothing better to think or worry about?

  6. I hate waiting. Period. Sucks rocks, the waiting.

  7. Just got to this one! #1 made me laugh. I know too many people like this... Oh, and yes. I don't understand why people don't like James Franco. He's such an INDIVIDUAL. He doesn't care what people think, lives in art and intelligence and seems like he'd be fun to have coffee or tequila with... pick your poison.