Tuesday, February 1, 2011

From the Vault: Crushing

This is the best book promo I've seen in a while. It's for Allison Pearson's novel, I THINK I LOVE YOU, a story of the power of first crushes.

So...try to think back to the thirteen year old you. Who was your first big crush? Here's mine:

Oh yeah, I was hungry like the wolf...

Spill! Who did you have hanging up in your locker?


  1. How could you not crush? Duran Duran was awesome! ;)

  2. Oh fun! Hard to pick one, so I'll do three from different categories.

    TV/Movies -Scott Baio. Come on, everyone loves Chachi

    Sports - Paul Molitor #4 Milwaukee Brewers. He never reponded to the fan letter a friend and I sent him. :(

    Music - Rick Springfield. I know he exposed is insanity in his recent autobiography, which I will not read because I just don't want to ruin my childhood memories. I saw him in concert in the summer of 1982 when I was 13 or just turned 14. It was 4th row. I was in heaven. During the concert he wiped his face with a towel and threw it into the crowd. The girl in front of me caught it. She ripped it into a few pieces and shared it with a few of us. I still have the 1 square inch piece of towel in a small plastic bag stapled in the program from the show. :) Saw him in concert again 19 years later with my husband and about 100 other 30 something women with their husbands. I was a lot of fun.

  3. um, i think me first girly crush was actually some indian singer dude youd have no clue of. but i was OBSESSED with him. its plain embarassing now, considering hes got no career now, and wasnt half as attractive without makeup on his face.
    but in my defense, i was TWELVE!
    the first (half) respectable crush of mine would have to be liam aiken, from the series of unfortunate events movies. sadly, his career aint going anywhere either, but at least he doesnt look like a totally different person without makeup. or at least i dont *think* he does. hehe. :D

  4. When I was in high school, I had stalker style crushes on both Alan Rickman and Gregory Peck. Yeeeeeeeaah, everybody thought I was really fuckin' weird.

    BUT. When I was like, 10 I think, I was *so* in love with Will Smith that I called the Oprah show and asked if I could come to Dream Day and meet him. The lady told me to have my mom call back. My heart was broken!!

  5. Bruce Willis in Moonlighting. I made collages. I framed glossy fan photos. Even now, in all his stoic old man-ness, I still have affection for him.

  6. Oh good lord! I'm laughing so hard over that picture. I remember thinking all of the Duran Duran guys were hotties--now I'm thinking that I might want to get my hair cut like his (which one is he?? Simon?). Sad, I know.

    I totally had a thing for Greg Kinnear. Oh. Wait. That's now.

    Hmm. Definitely Rick Springfield. And, the guy who was on the Kidd Video cartoon on Saturday morning.


  7. You guys are awesome!

    Amanda--I think I had a little bit of a problem. I was going to name my first child Rio. Seriously.

    Lori--I am SO jealous. I want to see that square of fabric someday. I might even want to touch it. Is that creepy?

    Aleeza--I obviously have no problem with a man in eyeliner, so I'd probably like your dude, too!

    Amy--Alan Rickman is a sexy beast. I totally get that. And Gregory Peck? He was the dreamiest in Roman Holiday, no?

    Alexa--I dreamed of verbal sparring matches with David Addison. Love.

    Sarah Frances--I remember watching Rick Springfield on Solid Gold and screaming at the television. And yeah, this one is Simon. He was just so cute.

  8. Simon LeBon. Did I spell it right? I so remember crushing on those guys. I wish I could remember my crush?! I can't. I'm gonna think about this all day now. Oh wait! I have it.....

    ANDREW MCCARTHY in Pretty in Pink.

    And Jake in Sixteen candles.