Saturday, March 12, 2011

I Really, Really Like Me

Every issue of Marie Claire contains a short two-page spread where the mag picks a different city and asks a handful of women living there one question: What do you like about yourself? The answers are varied and sometimes unexpected, and the women are not all super models in training, but a motley mix of ethnicities and age groups.

I love this. And I was thinking about it yesterday, because this week was one of those where I found myself drowning in the "If only" pool. If only I had more talent, better clothes, more coordination, a skinnier bod, a straighter nose, more money, a quicker mind...

Yeah. Totally useless and destructive.

So for today's Friday Five * I'm going to list things I like about myself. Feel free to do the same in the comments section--it'll be good for you.

1. I throw amazing dinner parties. My husband and I could have a Food Network show, like the Heelys. Seriously.

2. I'm super polite. I always say "please" and "thank-you." I stay to the right when walking up or down a staircase. I give up my seat on the bus for pregnant women and the elderly.

3. I smile a lot.

4. My head is FULL of random factoids that actually come in handy when I write. And I rock Trivial Pursuit. You want me on your team. Definitely.

5. I can usually find a little bit of beauty in everyone. I consider this an amazing gift.

Okay, so let's hear yours. Don't be shy!

*I know it's Saturday. Deal.


  1. aw, what a beautiful list!<3

  2. Five things I like about myself...

    1. I totally never notice when I'm not fitting in somewhere, and even if I do, I just shrug. Never have cared, never will.

    2. I stop in the middle of roads to save turtles (even monster snappers) and any other injured animal. And the ones I can't help, I make sure get put down humanely. I'm not afraid of facing that, not even with other drivers honking at me and yelling.

    3. I don't mind death. I mean, I get just as upset as anyone else when someone I love dies, but I sort of see death as this thing that's just doing it's job, keeping balance. Um, yeah, my dad is a funeral director...

    4. I like that really deep down I know I'm never going to give up my publishing dreams... no matter how awfully I squall and writhe over those 'great writing, but not for me rejections' when they come in...

    5. I don't know what day it is most of the time... horses don't really care about that kind of thing, and neither do the characters you're writing...

  3. Thanks, Aleeza!

    And Ms. Grey, that is the best list ever! Love it!

  4. Aw, I love this post!! I concur wholeheartedly with each of your points. And from experience I can corroborate that you guys have the best dinner parties in the universe.

    Lately I've been hating on myself, too. I'm an unaccomplished dullard, blahblah. But I can work to scrape up a few.

    1. I am utterly devoted to the ones I love, sometimes to a fault, although I can't really fault myself for it.
    2. I have sporatic episodes of photographic memory.
    3. I continually try to make memories with photographs and sometimes they are beautiful.
    4. I can organize almost anything.

  5. Alexa! I agree with all of those. You are so far from being a dullard...