Friday, October 9, 2009

Freaky Friday

It's been a tough week. So...I'm going to get a little goofy with the Friday list. Today I am shamelessly ripping off Elaine Lui from Laineygossip (best Hollywood gossip site ever), and conducting a Freebie Five fest. For those who don't know, a Freebie Five list contains the names of five celebrities with whom you could be, um, intimate, with no lasting consequences. No disease, pregnancy, divorce, and you won't see yourself on the cover of Star Magazine in the checkout line at the supermarket. Sound fun? It is. Post your list in the comment box. Here's mine:

1. Colin Farrell (He's cleaned up well, hasn't he?)
2. Jon Hamm (I would so be Don Draper's secretary)
3. Russell Crowe (We could throw telephones at people. Fun!)
4. Viggo Mortensen (That scene in Eastern know the one I'm talking about...)
5. Gene Hackman (Weird May-December fixation I have--I know--TMI).

And now, the twist. Add a sixth person who is of your gender. Yep. We're getting a little Friday crazy. Drum roll...

6. Maggie Gyllenhaal

OK? Let's hear yours...


  1. Sean Connery (if that is how you spell it) I don't want to do anything but hang out with the guy. I just think he'd be great to meet. :)

  2. Now this is a Friday I can get on board with!!

    1. Gerard Butler (I've watched him serenade Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You no less than 500 times. I hate le Swank, but that scene is one of my all time faves.)
    2. Jared Leto (circa My So-Called Life)
    3. George Clooney (Because you KNOW he *ahem* knows what he's doing.)
    4. Taylor Kitsch (This one could get me arrested.)
    5. Ryan Gosling (Yeah, I'm a sucker for The Notebook, but I love him for Lars and the Real Girl more.)

    6. Salma Hayek (This requires no explanation.)

  3. I found you through Lisa and Laura's blog and already love your site. Anyone who reads Laineygossip is okay in my book :)

    I've never done a top 5 though, so this is off the top of my head (and subject to change as soon as I hit Post)
    1. James Marsden (love him!)
    2. Chris Pine (there's something normal about him that makes him even cuter)
    3. Jake Gyllenhaal (he's a perfect mix of total hotness with a touch of dorkiness)
    4. Christian Bale (I've had a soft spot for him since Newsies came out in the 90s)
    5. The guy on the cover of the book Perfect Chemistry (no idea who he is, but he's HOT)

  4. Okay. Mine are strange. Is that okay? Okay. Thank GOD husband doesn't blog or read blogs.

    1. John Cusack (OH GOD WHEN HE IS HOLDING THE RADIO!!!!!)
    2. Paul Newman. (Alive, please.)
    3. Mel Gibson (I know, I know... But come on people, does anyone remember him in Tequila Sunrise?)
    4. Matt Dillon (Lila, stop laughing all fiction is autobiographical)
    5. Scott Baio. Even now. I just saw an interview. Still hot IMO.

    6. Gwen Stefani. No DOUBT. hee hee

  5. Tabitha--It's the Scottish accent. Totally.

    L & L-- I would go to some strange places for Ryan Gosling. Oh, yeah. But I think Salma may be too much woman for me. Lisa could take her on, though.

    Megan! Welcome! take Jake and I'll take Maggie. See how that works out? And, YES, who is that guy on the cover of Perfect Chemistry??? Ooh, la,la!

    Oh, Suzanne! Paul Newman I may even take dead. And I totally get the Mel Gibson thing. Mrs. Soffel, anyone?

  6. Totally agree on the Maggie Gyllenhaal too, have such a crush on her. Have you seen In Bruges? I didn't like Colin Farrell at all until I saw that.

    Oh, and Suzanne, TOTALLY agree on the Mel in Tequila Sunrise. Sigh.

    I'm limited to five? No, I say! While it may upset the hubby that I can't limit it, here are some that come to mind:

    1. Robert Downey, Jr. (whip-smart, talented and energetic, what more do I need?)
    2. Steve Martin (my fantasy is us flirting in an art gallery a la Shopgirl)
    3. ALSO Viggo ("A History of Violence," yum)
    4. Bill Murray...well, Peter Venkman, really
    5. ALSO Russell Crowe (Gladiator-era Crowe, if I had a choice. Those thighs!)
    6. Jon Hamm (especially because he seems so sweet and normal in real life)
    7. Mark Ruffalo (my scruffy, aw-shucks choice)
    8. Donnie Darko (not Jake Gyllenhaal)
    9. Christian Bale in American Psycho. Or him acting that role. I don't know. It's sick.
    10. Liev Schreiber (he's smart and sexy and wrote and directed "Everything Is Illuminated")

    11. Pulp Fiction-era Uma Thurman.

  7. OHMYGOD how could I forget RDJ? He is too fine. I think that's why I forgot him. It hurts too much. OH the love I have for him.

  8. 1. John Cusack ... then... now.... always!
    2. Alexander token blonde
    3. Carlos Quentin(Chicago White Sox).. all you have to do is watch him at bat!!
    4. Dave Matthews...a little chubby, but so beautiful!
    5. Rob Pattinson... he might actually be too beautiful to sleep with!
    6. Jason Bateman... YUM!

    I have to add a couple of additional fictional people. Sometimes your imagination is better than real life!
    7. John Corey (a re-occuring character in Nelson DeMille books)
    8. Robert Langdon (from Dan Brown books) but that one sort of got messed up when Tom Hanks played him in the movies.

    Toss up for the ladies... either Ellen DeGeneres or Isabelle Rossellini (again probably too beautiful!)

  9. Alexa--our lists are remarkably similar. Scary. And I totally get the Christian Bale thing.

    Kathleen--I've loved Jason Bateman since Silver Spoons--I'm with you on that one! Isabella Rossellini is just, wow. Almost prettier than her mom.

  10. Oh, and Alexa, In Bruges was such a good movie. Loved it (and Colin!). I seriously thought about booking a trip there--so beautiful.

  11. I love this!! Eddie and I have taken turns revealing our 'freebies' to each other, so I'm totally prepared!

    1)Nathan Fillion
    2)Kevin Spacey
    3)Edward Norton
    4)Jim Sturgess
    5)Spike (not James Marsters, just...Spike. Sigh.)

  12. Totally with ya on Edward Norton. Thought he was hotter than Brad Pitt in Fight Club.

    But...Spike who?? Jonze? Lee? I'm curious!!

  13. Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. LMAO! Yeah I'm a huge nerd.

  14. Oh, Amy, nerds rule the world!

    And...I should have guessed!!

  15. I am SO LATE to jump on this but...

    1. Jason Schwartzman (My biggest celebrity crush)
    2. Mark Paul Gossler (old crushes die hard)
    3. Dominic Monaghan
    4. The Weasley twins (yeah, it may be weird, but I'm counting them as one!)
    5. Johnny Depp

    6. Drew Barrymore--I love that girl! She is so kick ass.

  16. I see the Weasely twins. Totally.

    Have you seen the new show on AMC with Jason Schwartzman? I've heard it's fab.

    Drew! Love her.