Friday, August 14, 2009

Freaky Friday

The Friday morning list looks to be a staple of most blogs. I'm totally going to be a follower and subject you to my five bits of randomness. Here goes:

1. Feel good fact of the day: The iconic "Woodstock couple" is still together after forty years. Check it out: (In the bottom photo, don't you just love the "Hippies Always Welcome" sign?)

2. While driving to work, I saw a girl on a bicycle, dressed exactly as Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's--dress, pearls, hat, oversized sunglasses, black elbow length gloves. I stared so long and hard I almost got into an accident. And this was no drag queen my friends, just a slim-hipped, Audrey-esqe gal. Where was she going? What was she doing on Elston & Belmont (not exactly a hot spot)? I must say the mind reels...

3. Girl crush of the week: Carla Bruni. I love her music. I love that she looks like she'd slap anyone who disagreed with her. I love that it's only a matter of time before she demands the French people give her The Palace of Versailles as her personal party house. I would give anything to see her take on Michelle Obama in a catfight. Barack would be embarrassed, but Sarkozy would LOVE it.

4. Mad Men. Sunday. AMC. Season 3 is here my friends. I love everything about this show--the set, costumes, subtle plotlines, the square-jawed manly-man that is Jon Hamm. But what I dig most is that history is gonna come a'callin' and these folks had better be ready...

5. I make my own deodorant. It's super easy. 1/3 cup of Aloe Vera/1/3 cup of Witch Hazel/2 tablespoons Vegetable Glycerin & a few drops of your fav essential oil (lavender is a good choice for it's anti-fungal properties, but I like patchouli--and, no, I don't smell like I follow Phish around and hang in the parking lot!). You will still perspire (our bodies are supposed to) but you will not reek. I promise.

Anyhew, have a great weekend!


  1. At the risk of sounding stalkerish, this is perhaps the best five list I have ever read. 1-5 priceless. I am making that deodorant by the way and the image of Carla Bruni slapping you is so clear I am laughing.

  2. 1. I can't wait for Mad Men. We will be done with our edit marathon by then. So help me God. I will not skip my date with Don Draper. I have priorities.

    2. Holly Golightly? I want to be her friend. Weren't you tempted to stop and start chatting her up. Talk about a girl crush! I want a friend who dresses like Holly Golightly on random Friday afternoons.

    3. DIY Deodorant? Color me skeptical Earth Mama.

    Ok, back to my edit hole. Don't tell Laura I was here!

  3. Let me know how you like it, Suzanne! Just be careful if you are using photosensitive oils, like Bergamot. You can use them in winter, when your skin won't see the sun.

    Lisa, you bad girl! Get thee to your word file! Glad you stopped by, though. I so wanted to halt traffic to talk to Miss Golightly! If I see her again I'm totally stalking her. And my deodorant works. Really!

  4. Wow--these are awesome! And I think I'm going to try that deodorant too!

    Since I don't have a blog to share the love, I'm going to post my top five here. They're a little more specific though...Top Five Movie Moments of the Moment. Although I'm in publishing, I actually grew up in the movie business, and I find that some movies, like books, can make you cry, laugh, catch your heart in your chest, piss you off, or inspire you. There are too many good scenes to name or even remember right now, but here are 5 heart-catchers, at least to me...

    2. Ever After (What girl or woman in their right mind doesn't LOVE this movie?)-

    2. Sister Act 2 (I love both Sister Acts and I don't care who knows it)-

    3. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou (this one's a little obscure, but if you've seen it, this scene will make your heart swell)-

    4. Love Actually (and not because the lovely girl in this scene shares my name!)-

    5. Braveheart (back before Mel Gibson became such a sad...) -

  5. Great list, Jo! My hub is always trying to get me to watch The Life Aquatic, but for some reason I've always resisted--I'll be sure to say yes next time.

    I have to watch Love, Actually every Christmas. Like absolutely must without fail. That scene with Emma Thompson when she pats down the quilt just about kills me every time.

    Mel Gibson is batshit crazy but I still have the hots for him. My friends think I'm nuts. I love Braveheart (awesome, awesome movie--great clip, "I AM William Wallace!"), but my favs are Mrs. Soffel, Tim, and The Year of Living Dangerously. It almost hurts to look at him in those.

    So, what does grow up in the movie business mean? What did your parents do?

  6. My friend just loaned us the first season of Mad Men on DVD, and we are ripping through it like nobody's business. Even if the characters and story sucked, it would be worth watching for the aesthetic alone. The sets, clothes, even the hairdos - a feast for the eyes!

    Oh, I make my husband watch Love, Actually with me every December, too! But I think he enjoys it almost as much as I do. ;)

  7. Did anyone see the Mad Men Vanity Fair spread this month. Ooh, la-la! Great article, too.

    KC--I have a feeling tonight's ep is going to really be something!