Thursday, August 6, 2009

John Hughes, RIP

"If somebody doesn't believe in me, I can't believe in them." Andie, Pretty in Pink

John Hughes really got people like me. Kids who lived slightly in the margins, left of center, on the flat side of the popularity Bell Curve (Andie, Allison, Keith, etc.). Kids who loved fully and completely without a chance of being loved back (Duckie, Farmer Ted). Angry, abused kids who cobbled together a protective armour from bits and pieces of attitude (John Bender, Andrew, Watts). Kids just trying to be, in an unforgiving world.

Serious stuff, but he did all this with a rockin', killer sense of humor. I left theaters wanting to live in a John Hughes movie. Little did I realize, I did. His films struck such a chord with my peers because they were so reflective of our lives--the confusion, competition, insecurity, chaos, and--fun. Absolute fun. John Hughes really understood what it meant to be sixteen. He believed in us, and we in him.

He will be missed.


  1. I had no idea he passed, and so young!

    His films practically defined a generation, and no one does awkward, lonely teen like John. And no one made us feel more okay about being one.

    RIP John Hughes

  2. I remember the first time I watched 16 Candles (I was in 6th grade, my mother was horrified). I remember falling in love with Jake Ryan, I remember feeling so angry on behalf of Sam when everyone forgot her birthday and then her stupid grandparents forced her to hang out with Long Duck Dong AND hung up on Jake when he finally called her. It was just perfect.

    John Hughes captured the ups and downs, loves and losses of adolescence better than anyone else and I still love reliving them over and over and over again.

  3. Jaaaaaake! I love Farmer Ted. He's my guy.

    And you can just watch his movies over and over, can't you? Anytime 16 Candles is on TV I stop whatever I'm doing and watch.

  4. Somehow I feel like a piece of my own generation X has died. I saw it on the news and I thought, "okay, that's it, I'm officially old."

    Very sad. I am going out and buying all the old classics for my fifteen year old.

    And here's a bit of kudos for him. My daughter, (the fifteen year old) has a Breakfast Club poster on her wall. Just like the rest of her friends. A true sign of genius. An eraless classic maker. RIP.

  5. Sigh. So sad to hear this yesterday. Sixteen Candles is the most perfect teen movie ever, as far as I'm concerned.

  6. "There isn't anything I can do to him that he hasn't already done to himself." -Keith... Some Kind of Wonderful

  7. Suzanne--How cool is it your daughter has a poster on her wall that might have also hung on yours? You're right--The Breakfast Club is truly a classic.

    Alexa--Totally agree.

    Kathleen--I think my JH marathon might start with Some Kind of Wonderful. That kiss between Keith and Watts--ooh, la-la!

    And here's a little something for everyone. Get out the kleenex:

  8. Has any girl from our generation *not* tried to imitate the Molly Ringwald kicky dance from Breakfast Club at least once?

    Man, and I will miss John Hughes :(. I practically wore out my VHS of Pretty in Pink during high school, and always wanted to meet a sweet guy like Duckie.

    Very poignant and well-put thoughts on John's impact, Loretta! Thank you for this tribute!

  9. I still do the kicky dance. At weddings, mostly. Kinda embarrassing.

    And, who doesn't love the Duckman?

    Thanks for your kind words, Rebecca!

  10. I think I can recite every word to 16 candles and Breakfast Club. I wanted so badly to be IN a Breakfast Club but unfortunately Res High School was not that cool (and all girls). He was simply amazing to be able to read and interpret the thoughts of teens everywhere. He will be missed. I now feel I must go rent Some Kind of Wonderful.

  11. I didn't know he'd passed away. I have to put an amen on your comments. He kept me sane. I knew that I wasn't alone anymore. There were others just like me, and they even got the guy or girl.

    He brought, not only humor, but a sense of belonging to my life, and to many others. He will be missed!