Friday, August 21, 2009

Freaky Friday

(Sorry for the light posting this week--I've been a busy little bee!)

My five bits of randomness this week:

1. The Sookie and Eric bedroom scene in True Blood. I don't care if he pings my gal Lainey's highly developed gaydar, that man is hetero-hotness on a platter. How tall is Alexsander Sarsgard? OK, I looked it up. Six-freaking-four. And most of it was visible last Sunday on HBO. Oooh, la-la!

2. No exercise plus too many on-the-go meals equals one grumpy Loretta. Unlike most people, I put weight on in the summer and take it off in the fall and winter, when the kids are in school and I actually have time to work out. I miss my endorphins. School needs to start, pronto!

3. If you have allergies and want to stay away from anti-histamines for a while (or just take a break for a year), start eating bee pollen right now, a little bit every day. By spring you won't be sneezing--seriously! It works the same way an allergy shot does, without the ouch! I've been ordering jars of cappings (pollen & propolis) from Really Raw Honey for years. Good stuff, but not for the squeamish. I often have to pick a bee carcass out from the jar before eating!

4. I'm a total Francophile. (Anglophile, too. In fact I would be perfectly happy taking the chunnel back and forth from London-to-Paris, Paris-to-London...). I play French music in my car on the way to work and sing along, top volume, because during that hour I can always manage to convince myself I speak French fluently, when in actuality I only took one disastrous semester in college. I've slipped and done this in front of people, but thankfully to friends who just say, Oh, Loretta, and assume I'm speaking in tongues. One day, though, I know I'll start singing in front of my friend Catherine, a real live French person, who will probably just laugh, but still, mucho embarrassing...I have to keep myself in check.

5. What's up with the recent spate of YA books about preacher's daughters? (OK, just typing that has me singing Son of a Preacher Man using my Dusty Springfield voice--in English, not Francais.) I'm excited about the amazing Sara Zarr's Once Was Lost, but I feel like she's coming in at the end of a trend. Not fair, I know. But I've heard of at least two other titles with similar themes, and more using religious communities as the primary setting. I loved Eileen Cook's What Would Emma Do? but I'm not sure about some of the others. Have any of you guys read Pure by Terra Elan McVoy? Whatja think?


  1. Eric is pure yumminess.

    Bee parts? Eww but you can't deny the freshness of the product.

    Just found your blog. Love it.

  2. Hi Jenna!!! Thanks for hanging out...

  3. Yes--read PURE. And, although some of the parts actually made me uncomfortable at first (probably because I had SUCH a different relationship with my dad, haha), I really loved the voice. Not necessarily a book I would normally pick up, but I'm glad I did. And great cover too.

    Sara Zarr is amazo too.

    And I LOVE that you sing French music. I actually know all the words (including French ones) to Billy Joel's 'You Were the One' and I sing (ONLY sing) Japanese and Portuguese songs that I like too--what's with that? And how come someone can sing with an accent, but when they talk another language they sound like a shmo? At least I do...

  4. I don't know! I wish I did. Maybe it's the same reason the Brits lose the accent when they sing. Strange, huh? When I sing in French I'm a legend in my own mind; when I try to speak it? Ugh. I sound like I've got a mouth full of marbles. (And you know, when we meet in real life, I'm going to make you sing something in Japanese!)

    I'll have to pick up Pure. Love that cover! And Sara Zarr rocks. Story of a Girl is one of my all-time favorite YA novels.

  5. When John and I were watching TB this week, and the Sookie/Eric love scene came on, John said "Loretta must be very happy."

    Did you know he was in Zoolander? As one of the models who dies playing with gasoline? Hilarious.

  6. 6'4! 6 freaking 4!? I wanted to read the rest of your post, really I did, but I just can't get past that bit of intel.

    And now I see that he also dies in the funniest scene in Zoolander?

    If you guys get word that I've taken off and left my family and Laura in shambles, you'll know what happened. Gay dar or no gay dar, I. Want. That. Vamp.

  7. Two words, one singer, Edith Piaf.

    AND I agree about the Eric scene.

  8. Alexa--Must rent Zoolander.

    Suzanne--Oooh, I love Edith Piaf! I also loved Marion Cotillard as Edith Piaf. Have you seen the film?