Thursday, March 25, 2010


It just so happens I have an extra copy of All U Can Eat by Emma Holly. (Either Amazon sent two copies by mistake or I hit 2 in the quantity box when I ordered. I'll never tell, as one would make me a thief and the other an idiot.) If you can ignore the dubious grammar in the title, you will fall into Holly's world of romance and intrigue, a world, according to Publishers Weekly, "that may shock the uninitiated." Ooh, la-la!

I'm severely math-challenged, so I'm not going to rustle up any spreadsheets allotting so many points for commenting, following, etc. I'm just not built that way. And, though the book may be NC-17, this blog is mostly PG. To enter, all I want to know is this: When you had your first kiss, were you the kisser or the kissee? Feel free to give details in the comment box, but being an exhibitionist is really not necessary to win (though you know I'm nosiest person in the world, so if you want to tell us the circumstances...)

I'll contact the winner on Monday afternoon, after I throw all the names in a hat and have my son do the honors. I'll ship the book on Tuesday.

Oh, and you have to be 18 years old to win. The book really is that hot.


  1. "Either Amazon sent two copies by mistake or I hit 2 in the quantity box when I ordered. I'll never tell, as one would make me a thief and the other an idiot."

    I just spewed tea all over my computer. Thanks for that.

    And this book looks HOT! And Laura is a closeted hot book reader. Seriously. Her #1 complaint about Twilight was the lack of sex. She's going to kill me when she reads this.

  2. I'm in!!! I was a late "first kisser". 7th grade. Red headed freckled kid I had a huge crush on. I pretty much went into attack mode. Still embarrassed to this day. So, yes. I was the kisser.

  3. Hmm. Real kiss?? Or kid kiss??

    I'll go with the kid one. In kindergarten, I pretty much manhandled a boy whom I shall call Jonathan and declared to him that he was my boyfriend. He had no choice. Three of my friend held him down on the playground while I kissed him on the lips.

    Yes. He told on me. And, yes. I got in trouble. So . . . the next day on the playground, I beat him up.

    I have an older brother (if that explains anything).


  4. First kiss was 6th grade. His name was Todd. He lived just down the street and was the middle boy of seven boys in the most classic Irish Catholic family that I knew. He literally came over to my house, rang the doorbell and we proceeded to the side of my house for some major kissing/groping. I was wearing a lime green polo shirt, black parachute pants and a black and white fedora type hat reminiscent of John Taylor in Duran Duran. (Can't believe I just admitted to that!) Can't remember what he was wearing. Quite surreal now that I think back on it. I did not have a crush on him and don't think he had a crush on me either. I think it was mostly experimental on both our parts. It was my first kiss, but definitely not his first. I think I learned a lot about not to kiss that day!

  5. I was twelve and a half. It was at a cast party we had a this huge park after summer drama camp. He was the drummer. He walked around all day with a boom box playing Journey.

    My friend asked me to ask him if he liked her. He said "No, I like someone else." and I was all like "Me?" (It was very Molly Ringwald in Sixteen Candles) He was fourteen. Score! SO we held hands all day and when everyone's parents came it started to pour and he walked away across the park. AND THEN: He called my name, put down the boom box and ran in the rain toward me. (I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP) seriously. I ran to him and we made out right there in the rain in front of everyone.

    I knew right then that I would never be the same. Ever. AND I can't listen to "Forever" without crying a little....

  6. Oh Loretta. This is a story best for in-person...I will tell you in April over some good food in Chicago!

  7. Thanks for blowing my cover, Lisa.

    My first kiss was in some kid's barn (hello, Ohio!) the summer before 8th grade. His name was Pat. It was as memorable as it sounds.

  8. Joyce--Too funny! A woman who knew what she wanted--yay!

    Sarah Frances--Another aggressive woman! I love it!

    Kathleen--I can picture that hat! I'm sure you were stylin'in those parachute pants.

    Suzy--Are you sure he wasn't John Cusack? What a romantic first kiss!

    Jo--Maybe over a couple of glasses of wine?

    Laura--I don't know why it strikes me funny that you were in a barn (!) but it does.

    I enjoyed reading these! Winner announced a bit later...