Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Today my oldest son turns ten years old. Last night the family said goodbye to the birthday boy's nine-year-old self and this morning we said hello to a ten-year-old (sniff!). I love you, baby (Yeah, you'll always be my baby!). The next ten years should be interesting...let's enjoy the adventure!

Today is also my best friend Jean's birthday. She's totally OK with the aging thing, so she won't mind that I tell you it's her 4oth. Yep. A big one. This year is also the 26th anniversary of our friendship. We became friends at our high school freshman orientation (!) and have remained close ever since.

Since I write about people in high school, Jean is always in my thoughts as I sit at my computer. We were so different. I had a thing for black eyeliner, army jackets and threadbare sweaters found at the Salvation Army. Jean liked Esprit, Coach purses, and Ralph Lauren. She liked the jocks; I liked the guys who wrote bad poetry and never washed their hair. She's five (!) inches taller than me and can actually can stand to listen to country music (barf).

But she could always make me laugh harder than anyone else. She never teased me when I added Cherry Coke to my beer because I didn't like the taste. She took me cruising in her little Dodge Omni, past the houses of the boys I liked. She listened and never judged and always looked out for my best interests.

Our friendship has lasted through college and marriage and children and more. She's seen me through heartache and joy, and I hope I've done the same for her. We've sustained our friendship because we value it, and realize how rare it is to find someone you connect with so well in this great big life.

So happy birthday, Jean! This one's for you.

(OK, that is a condom bouquet on my head. It was my bachelorette party!)


  1. Happy Birthday, D! Loretta, I have vivid memories of visiting you right after he was born in that apartment you guys had in Wrigleyville. It was right before we moved out west and I rememeber being so happy for you guys.

    Happy Birthday, Jean! 40 is awesome.

  2. Oh my gosh, LOVE the picture! You look fabulous. I always wonder if our paths crossed back when I lived in Chicago. So random.

    Happy birthday to all! To good friends, babies that will always be babies and the next 10 years! Cheers!

    (Yes, I realize I just did a virtual toast. That's weird, right? Sorry, I'm tired and Jack puked on the way to school. It's definitely shaping up to be one of those days.)

  3. Happy birthday to your son and Jean! Love the picture!

  4. Happy bday to all!!

    And L, you are such a hottie :) Jean too--pass on the message!

  5. Wow, Dan in 10! Time flies. And is there anything that says best friend more than driving past boys' houses together?

  6. Very difficult to be "strong like Kate" while reading your words, Lo! You have definitely been there just the same for me. You always listen without judging, appreciate my simple-minded sense of humor, and act as my unofficial "second opinion". I can always count on you to tell me the truth, but in a calm and sincere way that tells me everything will be alright. I am SO blessed with our friendship and thanks so much for a wonderful birthday present!
    P.S. HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY, DAN!!!!!
    P.P.S. Ok, did I seriously wear a cartigan to your bachelorette party??? And is it really buttoned all the way up??? It's a good thing I was already taken or I would've been fighting them off with a stick!