Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From the Vault

Most of us know Buddy Holly from that Weezer song (Oooh-weee-Oooh, I look just like Buddy Holly...) or as the inspiration for The Day the Music Died, the end-of-the-night song college bars played when they wanted us to get the hell out. My mom works for a store that sells costumes at Halloween and Buddy Holly glasses are filed under "nerdwear." Here's a shot of Buddy without his glasses:

This doesn't scream nerdy to me. And neither does his music. Listen to some. It's sexy and modern and lyrically perfect. Try Well...All Right, an ode to the dawning confidence of the young. Or the tale of a woman who can't walk away (or the man whose ego can't imagine she will), That'll Be the Day . How about listening to a snippet of Maybe, Baby--hear something familiar? According to Paul McCartney, Holly was the primary influence on the Beatles during the early years. In fact, besides being a play on words (beat-less), "The Beatles" was a slightly amended version of "The Crickets," the name of Buddy Holly's band. Click here to watch Paul sing his version of Peggy Sue. Now tell me Holly's music isn't sexy.

Buddy Holly died in a plane crash in 1959 at twenty-freaking-two. Yep, 22. Just six months before his death, he fell in love with a record company receptionist. Buddy proposed to Maria Elena the day they met, married her two months later, and composed this song to celebrate, recorded in her presence. Enjoy.


  1. OK, I think Buddy is hot! Seriously. And I'm going to go out on a limb and say he looks even hotter in glasses.

    I still can't believe he died at 22! Unbelievable that he had so much success and talent so young. So sad.

  2. Aaaah. The Day The Music Died indeed. :'(

  3. great music....and didn't Paul McCartney just look too yummy for words! *swoon*

  4. LiLa--I'm considering a pair of those glasses for myself...

    Amy--Such a sad story, no?

    Oooh, Gail, he did, didn't he?