Saturday, September 12, 2009

Forced Techno Break

The geeks failed. Miserably. I finagled a laptop, to be picked up next Tuesday. I'm hanging at the library again because my neighbors aren't around (Or maybe they're avoiding my pathetic, hang-dog Internet-deprived self). Anyhew, no time for a proper Freaky Friday, so here's a So-So Saturday:

1. Tried Beatles Rock Band on a Best Buy demo. I suck, but it was sooooo cool. Definitely sits atop my Christmas list.
2. Girl/Boy Crush of the Week: The hermaphroditic runner. Girl parts/boy parts--what's not to love? Middlesex is one of my favorite books of all time, so I have a soft spot for the herma crowd. If you haven't read it, you must!
3. The City of Bones/City of Ashes/City of Glass Trilogy. I've always turned my nose up at urban fantasy/paranormal books, but shame on me. I plowed through this trilogy like it was HP all over again. Loved it. Have a cougar-ish crush on leonine Jace. Roar!
4. Koombacha (not sure about the spelling) Fermented Drinks. Gives you energy, probiotics & other, um, instestinal support. And it doesn't taste bad. Slightly pricey, but it definitely gives me a lift. FYI--I still have yet to try a Red Bull or Monster or anything like that, and I don't drink coffee, so my reaction may be different from yours.
5. The sheer awesomeness of librarians. Seriously. And not just because they so kindly fueled my Internet fix.

Have a good weekend!


  1. So, so Saturday is awesome.

    1. I am horrible at Guitar Hero, but it's like crack. If we had a Wii and Beatles Rock Band I'd be the worst, most unproductive writer ever.

    2. MIddlesex fan? I liked it, but (don't hate me) I thought it dragged a little. Fabulous writing, fascinating topic, but the end just felt sort of longish. Of course it's been a really long time since I've read it, so I could be remembering wrong. (I have the Hunger Games back from still want??)

    3. I'm all over that Trilogy. Need something good to read now. Will add to my library list.

    4. they taste good? Lots of sugar? I'm going all carbless at the moment trying to lose some lbs. Me without carbs = huge bitch. Just for the record.

    5. I heart librarians and all things library. They provide so many amazing services to our communities.

    Hurry up and get your internet back. We miss you!

  2. Hey L & L--

    Kombacha has very little sugar, like 2 grams. It seriously gives me an energy boost. I buy it at Whole Foods.

    I've been hanging in the library so much I'm surprised they don't ask me to sweep up and straighten the stacks. I need Internet access SOON. I feel like someone cut off my arm!