Thursday, September 3, 2009

Freaky Friday

My five bits of randomness for this week...

1. OK, I'm a total conspiracy theorist, but this whole Charlie Gibson retiring from ABC has me suspicious. I'd like to think Charlie and Diane are best buds, but do think there was a GMA smackdown at some point? Did Diane stomp a high-heeled foot and give an ultimatum? Hmmmm...

2. Got the September J. Crew catalog in the mail the other day and I just have to say: what is the deal with three-quarter length sleeves on sweaters meant to be worn through the winter? And, there's the $170 price tag. If I plan on dropping that kind of cash for a sweater, I want the whole sleeve, not something that 's going to ride up my pointy elbows.

3. Girl crush of the week: My neighbor, Nancy. She has three kids under the age of three. Think about the amount of diapers, cheerios and sippy cups in her house. Boggles the mind.

4. Etsy. Oh...Etsy. Major time suck for me. And I just love the idea of an alternative economy. I see something I like, pay for it, and the money goes right to the person who made it by hand. Imagine that!

5. I didn't speak my first major curse word until I was a senior in high school. I kid you not. When I was little a nun told me that swearing was for people with limited minds and non-existent vocabularies. I took what she said waaay to heart. My girlfriends were always trying to get me to swear, and it became kind of a challenge so I held off for a really long time. When I finally broke down and said "Sh&t" or something (see, I even have a hard time typing it!) everyone made such a big deal out of it I just didn't let those words seep into my everyday speech patterns. Even now, (I'm not exactly a sailor but I do curse.), it's hard for me to sound natural saying "F*ck." I pause a little before speaking, like I have to gear up to say it. I have a heck of a time adding curse words to my writing as well. In my WIP I have a character who uses the F-word so much it's almost a verbal tic (He's Irish--in Ireland using the F-word is just about as offensive as adding salt to your dinner.) I really have to work to make it flow naturally from his fictional mouth. And, if an editor has a problem with all the cursing, you know what I'm going to say, right? Sh*t, F&ck, Son of a B%tch!

Have a F*cking Great Long Weekend!


  1. I love all things J. Crew, but can rarely force myself to fork over full price for their stuff. It's just so f*ucking expensive, you know?

    And I agree with you on quarter length sleeves. They are the bane of my existence. I'm f&ucking cold in the winter. I need a full sleeve dammit.

    I f&cking love Etsy.

    And I want to read QoC right this mother f*cking instant.

    Have a fab weekend! Don't drink too much Wild Turkey.

  2. Hmmm...could his name begin with a K perhaps?

  3. L&L--you guys crack me up!

    Joanna! How on earth would you know that?

  4. Just kidding! You mean you've read it already??? Geez Louise!

  5. Loretta, these are amazing! How alike we are in crazy ways... EXCEPT for the swearing thing. VERY easy for me. I don't know how not to swear, so if you need any help... you know, finding the f'n right places to put the f'n words, I can help you the f out.

  6. I'll have to ask you for some f*cking help when the time comes, Suzanne!

  7. We've got the same template. Too fun. We're a big ABC news family (and were heartbroken when Peter Jennings died). I have a crush on David Muir and hoped he'd be Charlie's replacement.

    Or Dan Harris, who looks like he's always about to burst out laughing. I want to pinch his cute little cheeks.

    Diane, I just can't get into her style.