Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cheesiest Post Ever

The holiday spirit hasn't permeated the blogosphere yet; this week I've seen a huge rise in bitchery, whining, and all-around pettiness while trolling the net. As an antidote, I give you 15 minutes in the brain of a six-year-old, courtesy of my son, Jack:

--He sang Deck-the-Halls while combing his hair, including the "gay apparel" part. My 10-year-old giggled, but said nothing.

--He asked me what would happen if his shoes turned into meatballs and his laces into spaghetti.

--He asked how cold it would have to get before his puke would freeze before it hit the ground.

--He asked why there isn't a 25 on the Advent Calendar.

--He said "Whoo-Hoo," "Cool," and "Totally Cool" multiple times on the five minute walk to school.

So to paraphrase from that one movie with Denzel Washington, "Tell it to me like YOU'RE a six-year-old."

Let's find some joy!


  1. Ok, this is adorable. My son Jack is a little younger, only 4, and last night he told me he had a list of all the people who could see him without a telescope. The list included God, Uncle Mike, the tooth fairy and Santa. So cute.

  2. I think we are on the same page!

  3. I think I like that kid!


  4. Kids rule. They make every day better.

  5. Jack is the BEST. He makes everything fun. I especially like the meatball thing. Where did he come up with that?

  6. So adorable! I'm waiting for the holiday spirit to hit the web too.

  7. This was SUCH a great post! Exactly what I needed this week :) I'm definitely sick of the pettiness too--that is so, like, 2008.

  8. Lisa--That is just too darn cute. Do you write this stuff down?

    Suzy--Right on, sister.

    Pearl! Welcome!

    Dee--Every single day.

    Alexa--I've learned not to question the origination of Jack's thoughts...

    Sarah--me, too.


  9. My son asked me again why we can't eat the end of year party treats before he got to school today. It is break up day at his school Our academic year is finishing. My son also wants to know when we are building a pool in the back yard and if we can move into our new house tomorrow. We just singed a contract. Gosh, moving in Dec! What were we thinking!

  10. I've got this perfect image in my head now of meatball shoes with spaghetti laces. Somebody needs to do a picture book!
    Thanks for a delightful post. The mind of a six-year-old is a joyous place to be.

  11. Awesome!

    I love those meatball shoes with spaghetti laces. What a great idea for a children's book, Mom. ;-)

  12. I give anyone reading this post permission to write a picture book about a kid with meatball shoes and spaghetti laces! Go for it!

  13. I love this.

    Lydia doesn't say much yet, but she dances like a superstar. The other morning, she went downstairs before me and I caught her in the pantry eating Wheat Thins. I'm sure that will get old when she's five, but it cracked me up. It's impossible not to smile around her.