Thursday, December 17, 2009

Freaky Friday: Ghost of Christmas Past Edition

Hey, all! This is my last post until--gulp--2010, so I thought I'd make it fun. In honor of Ralphie and his Red Rider BB Gun, I'm listing the stuff I really, really wanted Santa to bring me when I was a kid. Here goes:

1. Charlie's Angels dolls. I wanted all three, but Sabrina was my fave, probably because I always had to be her when we played in the `hood. Well, at least I didn't have to be Bosley.

2. My neighbors owned this game and I would go over to their house just to spend time with it. Obsessed is not strong enough a word.

3. A macrame potholder kit. My mom still has the potholders. That's how awesome they were.

4. A pogo stick. I became the reigning champion of my block, three years in a row (mostly because I was unchallenged). My pervy husband has way too much fun with this factoid.

5. A ouija board. Loads of fun at sleepovers. Also, leading cause of nightmares at aforementioned sleepovers.

So, what did you guys want soooo badly you whined and whined until your parents ran for the spiked egg nog?


  1. OMG I loved those pot holder kits when I was little, and I mean FREAKING LOVED! (Am now planning on buying one...)

    I remember the year Santa brought me a Barbie house that had a *gasp* working elevator. Sure it took like thirty seconds to go up the one floor and was really loud, but it was the coolest effing thing in the world to me.

    I always begged my mom for a pet of some kind. Hamsters, birds, rats...I was/am a huge animal nerd.

  2. I wanted a pony. Didn't get it. But I did wind up with a stable full of those plastic horses. We went on many adventures.
    Happy Holiday!

  3. Amy--I remember that Barbie house! My cousin wanted it soooo badly. She never got it. I'm sure she's totally jealous of you!

    Tricia--A pony! Every girl's dream. Maybe one is still in your future????

  4. Oh, the macrame potholder kit!! Such memories. The thing I remember wanting the most was the videotape of the full 14 minute Thriller video with all the backstage stuff. I was shaking with excitement when I got it.

  5. Oh that potholder kit! Oh the potholders I made! My mom had hundreds. I'd spend hours making those things. It was so much easier than those damn rug making kits. I could never get that hook thing to work right and I always ended up using the wrong color of yarn.

    My favorite presents were a pound puppy and a heart to heart bear. I loved that damn bear with its fake plastic beating heart. And I named the pound puppy Coco. I loved him too until Laura ripped his ear off. I stepped on her Bad cassette tape in revenge. Good times.

  6. I remember the year that I made those pot holders for everyone as gifts. Bless my grandmother for pretending to LOVE them!

    I was lucky enough one year to get the Barbie townhouse with the working elevator, but the best part was that my brother rigged it so the elevator went all the way up to the roof so Barbie had a rooftop garden! I must be much older though, because my elevator ran with a combination of a string and a little girl-power!