Friday, December 4, 2009

Freaky Friday (Eco-Lux Edition)

Now that Oprah isn't doing her annual "Favorite Things" nod to consumerism, I thought I'd pick up the slack for the first Freaky Friday of the official shop--er--holiday season. This is the lux edition, meaning, this stuff can be a little pricey*. The more practical list will post next Friday. Here goes...

1. Want to avoid the walk of eco-shame at the grocery store? Pick up some Reisenthel Bags, particularly this one. I keep it and bunch of others in the trunk of my car, as I've got a touch of the absent minded prof in me.

2. You can buy organic cotton t-shirts at Target now, for Heaven's sake, but you can outfit yourself in the stuff head to toe by shopping Gaia Conceptions handmade organic apparel. Quite plainly, Andrea Crouse's designs rock. I have five or six pieces, and every item has been washed a gazillion times, never needs a tumble dry, and still looks like new. Each style comes in a wide range of colors, with natural, plant-derived dyes available as well. She'll even cut to your exact measurements (I always have her cut my shirts two inches longer--boob ride up--I know! TMI). Crouse's new merino wool line will cost you some bucks, and I can't vouch for it as I only own cotton, but I've got to say, price tag or not, it's pretty tempting...

3. At my kids' school, children are allowed to keep water bottles in their desks, as long as they are disposable. You can guess how I feel about this. While I decide whether or not I want to be that mom, my kids tote SIGG bottles everywhere else. OK, they cost a freaking fortune, but I'd argue that it's money well spent. This is a good product and a trustworthy company. How often can you say that with confidence? My guys like having a personal water bottle, and love refilling them at water fountains (maybe that's what the school is afraid of!).

4. I have a super crappy bicycle, especially for someone who rides as often as I do. I'm asking Santa for this. It has just enough of that 1950s Flying Nun appeal, without sacrificing the necessary butt-cushioning updates.

5. This product line should offend me to no end, but I find myself...obsessed! The Rich Hippie line of perfumes is 100% natural, organic, chemical-free perfume created using methods not seen since before WWII. All that foraging and natural harvesting takes time and time is money which means, yep, this is a really expensive way to smell good. Like $425 for half an ounce good. Uh-huh. I've had the opportunity to take a whiff of the eponymously titled Rich Hippie (mmm, so good), but needless to say I don't actually own any of these. I do like scrolling through the perfumes listed on the web site, delighted by scents named "Purple Haze," "Shambala," and my personal fave, "Foxy Lady." Maybe someday. Sigh.

*So, um, I'm not telling you to buy anything and I don't get any kickbacks from companies like SIGG, though I really wish I did. Just so we're clear.


  1. I carry brightly-colored nylon bags that fold up tiny in my purse, and I love pulling them out in the check-out line. I can't forget them in the car because they are always with me.
    Every little bit we do makes a difference.

  2. I'm drooling over here. I love the Gaia organic line. That's how I always want to dress, but somehow end up looking like the same old me.

  3. Ooh, Laura's beating me in the comments today! Dammit. I am so sad you introduced me to that Gaia line because I now want like 5 of those dresses. So, um, thanks.

    And that bike is so cute! I can totally see you tooling around town in that thing.

    I love that you love something called The Rich Hippie. That just made my day.

  4. Here's hoping you get at least something on that list and possibly a kick back from SIGG. Well, you can dream right?

  5. Tricia--I always forget to do that! And how cool is it to tell the cashier you will not be needing a bag, thank you very much!

    Laura--The same old you is great!

    Lisa--I thought you'd get a kick out of Rich Hippie!

    Tabitha--A girl can only hope, right?

  6. Is it funny that I already own a few of these?

  7. Don't tell me you have Rich Hippie perfumes, Alexa! If you do I'm coming right over, wrist out...