Friday, November 20, 2009

Freaky Twiday

I got home at 3am from the first New Moon showing at my local theater. I'm tired, cranky, and, though I hate to admit it, a little hungover. So instead of a full review (which I probably shouldn't do anyway as I'm the spoiler queen), I'm going to list the five things I loved about the movie.

1. Jacob's abs. You knew this would be first, didn't you? OK, the cougar vibe in the theater was a little creepy, but I doubt you'll be disappointed to learn that Taylor Lautner's costume for nearly the entire movie consists of a pair of running shorts. Uh-huh. That's it.

2. Higher budget/better CGI. The werewolves did not look odd (for werewolves) or Disney-fied. I nearly jumped out of my seat during one transformation. The fight scenes (trying not to spoil!) were particularly well done, and seriously scary, not funny-scary.

3. They let Jasper keep his funky hair/make-up look. Jazz is the muppet vampire. And poor Dr. Cullen still looks like he ran into a vat of baby powder. Love it.

4. The humor. There is a lot of humor in this film--some modestly poking fun at the ridiculousness of, well, everything, and some super sarcastic, biting (ha) lines. There was still a lot of cheese (Edward gazing into Bella's eyes with a look of total constipation, a fantasy scene that resembled a 70s feminine products commercial), but you didn't mind it so much because the humor provided a nice, consistent contrast.

5. Best last line ever. Not telling what it was, but Twilight fans can guess, I'm sure. Let's just say everyone answered the screen, then burst into applause!

I liked this movie. I thought it did well by the book and enriched and enhanced the first Twilight film. Two thumbs up!

Have a good weekend!


  1. Ooh, LOVE your review! (Fav line: Edward gazing into Bella's eyes with a look of total constipation, a fantasy scene that resembled a 70s feminine products commercial)
    I'm excited to see New Moon! It's sold out for the next week and a half in my town! My non-reading, non-vampire loving town!
    There's a rumor that they'll squeeze in some more show times soon, so I'm keeping an eye on the situation.

    Go Team Jacob!

  2. Sarah, there was a 3:15 am show at our theater. Yeah, you read that right, 3:15 AM! You might want to check your listings--I think they are adding as many shows as they can.

    And it is definitely worth getting excited about--especially if you're Team Jacob!

  3. Oh man! I am taking my 17-yr-old cousin and Kody K to see it this Sunday--can't wait! The last movie cracked me up. So cheese. But it was entertaining. I heard this one was better.

  4. This movie is better. Definitely. Plenty of giggles, too, though. They can't get away from the cheese factor. That said, New Moon is richer because the relationships are better explored. Makes for a more interesting film.

    Have a great time--you guys will love it!

  5. I totally laughed out loud at your #4. My husband and I are going to see New Moon on Black Friday. Bless his heart, he's read the first two books as a warm-up to my WIP. ;-)

  6. Katie and I went Friday night. I have to say, I enjoyed the B-grade cheesiness of the first movie, and I kinda missed it this time around.

    Agree about the abs, and I was glad when Jacob ditched the hairpiece.


  7. Better than the first? Hmmm, I may just have to jump on this bandwagon...