Monday, November 16, 2009

Totally Random

OK, this might be the weirdest post ever, but today Amazon announced the full roll out of its "frustration-free" packaging. That's right--no more "impenetrable" plastic clamshells, no more twisty ties to get caught under your nails, no more strange bolty things that don't fit any standard screwdriver. Only easy-peasy packaging.

I am so freaking excited about this. Our Christmas morning will be all the more fun, and my kids won't learn any new curse words from their daddy. Yes!

(This is a well thought-out genius move by Jeff Bezos. There is a packaging feedback form for customers and a "frustration-free certification" process for vendors. Mattel, Fisher-Price, and Garmin are some of the companies already participating. Larry David is jumping for joy!)


  1. This is amazing news. And oh how I love Larry. The only thing that vexes him more than Garmin packaging are black swans. I wonder if Amazon can do something about those?

  2. Totally random, but totally awesome!

  3. This is fantastic because I've already ordered half our Xmas gifts from them, haha.