Monday, November 9, 2009


Lisa and Laura Roecker, the fab sisterly writing team, are giving away a kindle to one lucky follower of their hilariously funny blog. Check out their site to enter, and check out their book, The Haunting of Pemberly Brown when it hits the shelves in Spring `11!


  1. 4:35 AM!?! Seriously?

    Thanks for the shout out, L! I still have a Mad Men hangover. I just can't imagine any television show living up to the season they just had. Ah-mazing.

  2. My time stamp is broken. And I'm too lame-o to fix it.

    I could gush about Mad Men for hours because it is so multi-layered and detailed. It's like an intense writing seminar on quality storytelling, no?

  3. Yay the Kindle, LiLa, and 4:35 am blogging. I wish I was that cool.

    P.S. You guys make me want to watch Mad Men just so I can get in on all the fun.

  4. Ooh, Sarah, you must, if just for Jon Hamm!